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The International Arab Women's Council Charities Fund (AWC) was established in 1967 by Dr.Esmat Al-Said, to help with the plight of Arabs after the six-day war. It was registered officially as a charity in 1978 in the UK, where it was active within the Arab community in the UK and abroad for over twenty years. In May 2004 the charity was re-launched under the working title of The International Arab Charity (IAC) in order to continue to put into effect the charity's objectives.

The IAC is a Pan-Arab charity which helps to alleviate suffering in any Arab country and which helps to promote the standing of Arabs in the West. The charity's basic aims are simple: to help those in need, to further educational pursuits and to promote the better aspects of our culture - our warmth, hospitality, dignity and sense of humour.

Our membership is open equally to women, men and non-Arabs. We welcome your support and contribution, not only in financial terms, but also in any input of ideas for events or projects.

Current Trustees:

Lubna Samara, Treasurer
Najwa Salfiti, Secretary
Sarab Al Aqidi, School Head
Selwa Kazwini, Press Relations